Thursday, January 17, 2013

Are all cads CADs?

There are loads of cads who use outright distortion and lies to seduce their intended victims. The difference between a "cad" and a "CAD" is the use of Carnal Abusive Deceit to seduce.

CADding, creating an "imposter" persona, is an insidious form of rape known as rape-by-fraud.

A CAD disguises their actual identity by claiming false characteristics such as age, religion, education, marital status, military service, etc. In consentual sex, the expectation is of shared intimacy, but in rape-by-fraud, the perpetrator receives the intimacy that their victim grants them in exchange for defilement. The true identity of the sexual partner is unknown. Once discovered, the complexity of the sham can create immense damage to the victim.

The impact of the betrayal can be devastating and produce the reaction of Post Traumatic Rape Syndrome. Despite that the victim was not physically overpowered for sex, they were defrauded of sex. Their intimacy was stolen through a ruse by a person other than the one their intimacy was intended for.