Friday, February 15, 2013

POST HERE- Advice for CAD victims by Psychiatrists, Therapists, Psychologists and other Advocates

Very little awareness or information exists for victims of CAD behavior. If you are seeking help or if you have advice to share, please do so here. Professionals may identify themselves and their credentials.

POST HERE to Tell Your Story

Relating what happened to you is a meaningful way to make sense of it all and gain clarity. Doing so can help ease the pain and anger. It can help to empower you once again.

The confusion one feels from being CADded makes recovery difficult as unconnected bits and pieces enter our thoughts for fleeting, sometimes depressing, and sometimes enraging moments. Our psyches tend to hold onto and ruminate over portions without gaining the insight that is needed to connect the dots and move on.

Seeing your story written down will assure you that you can separate from your painful thoughts without forgetting, allowing you space in your mind to let joy into your life once again. You can always return to the story and reprocess it as more of the pieces become clear.

The kindest and most forgiving of people are the easiest marks for predators. You should not assume that becoming a victim is something you did wrong.

Create a different name for both you and the predator in your life. This can help you see yourself more clearly and find the feelings and pain you could be suppressing.  It can also protect you from backlash that may result from your tale.

In addition to telling your story, with assumed names, be sure to post the specific true details of the person who you believe CADded you under the post: Stop a CAD in their tracks. This post does not determine whether a CAD occurred. Rather, it identifies factual information about people who are listed there in order to deter their ability to CAD someone in the future.

I wish you success on your journey toward recovery and provide you the first line for your story-

                         I was CADded. Here's what happened. I...........