Wednesday, April 23, 2014

William Allen Jordan, Accused CAD, Locked Up in NJ!

New Jersey women can sleep easier tonight knowing that Florence police stepped forward to protect their sexual sanctity. William Allen Jordan, a convicted pedophile and bigamist, was handcuffed and detained for, among other crimes, "sexual assault by coercion."

Jordan, also known as William Allen, Liam Allen, and Will Jordan is the subject of the book, "The Bigamist, The True Story of a Husband's Ultimate Betrayal," by Mary Turner Thomson.

The victim, who was present during the NJ arrest, commented that Jordan "hardly showed emotion" as officers led him to their squad car. Once she uncovered his con, and understood the harm he'd dealt her throughout several months of fraud, she bravely became bait to set up his arrest.

Jordan, who served time for molesting the 13 year old daughter of a former "love interest," allegedly created a hoax to ensnare this mother of a 13 year old girl into a sexual relationship. She got wise to him, but not before he allegedly conned her out of several thousands of dollars.

Additional information available on LoveFraud.

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